Top 3 Arabic TV Shows to Speed Up Your Learning Experience

Throughout the Middle East and North Africa, millions of people speak Arabic, which is a fascinating as well as complex language. Apart from enrolling in an Arabic language learning course in Saudi Arabia, immersion in Arabic TV series may be a helpful and entertaining approach for language lovers and students to improve their language abilities, appreciate cultural subtleties, and broaden their knowledge of the Arab world. This blog will discuss some of the top Arabic TV programs that provide fantastic possibilities to learn Arabic while taking in engrossing narratives and a variety of cultural experiences so make sure to read all the way through.


Picture yourself embarking on a journey around the world, leaving behind your home, family, beloved cat, and close friends. That’s precisely what the captivating TV show “Khawatir” is all about. The series follows a well-educated Saudi Arabian man and his team as they travel the globe, exploring the similarities and differences between Arabic communities and foreign cultures, especially those in Asia and Western Europe.

Ahmed Al Shugairi, the show’s creator and recipient of the esteemed Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Award, aims to shed light on the positive aspects of diverse cultures worldwide. The best part is that all episodes of “Khawatir” are readily available on YouTube, and they are also broadcasted on various TV channels like Arrissala, Iqra, MBC, Shariqa channel, and For Shabab. Some of the YouTube videos even come with English subtitles, so you can switch them on if needed to enhance your viewing experience.

Master Chef Morocco

Renowned for its delectable cuisine, Morocco has earned a prominent spot on the world’s food lover’s map. According to WorldSIM, Morocco is ranked as the second-best travel destination for food enthusiasts, following closely behind Poland. With such a reputation, it’s no wonder that an exhilarating culinary competition like “Master Chef Morocco” is an absolute must. This competitive TV show invites both professional chefs and talented home cooks to apply and vie for the coveted top prize, which includes approximately $40,000 and a valuable opportunity for a free internship at a prestigious culinary institution.

Viewers can catch all the excitement of “Master Chef Morocco” on 2m Maroc, and for those seeking convenience, all episodes are readily available on YouTube. While Moroccan Arabic serves as the primary language on the show, having a good grasp of French cooking terms is considered a valuable asset.

Arabs Got Talent

Lebanon is the host country for the enthralling talent show “Arabs Got Talent,” where exceptionally gifted young individuals from the Middle East and North Africa gather to showcase their talents. The competition offers a chance to win a brand new car, a generous prize of 500,000 Saudi Arabian Riyals, and an exclusive contract with MBC, the broadcasting channel for the show. A panel of esteemed judges, including the renowned singer Najwa Karam, university dean Ali Jaber, comedian Nasser Al Qasabi, and actor Ahmed Helmy, carefully handpick the most impressive participants for the thrilling semi-finals, based on their exceptional performances.

Subsequently, the audience plays a pivotal role by voting for their favorite contestants, making the show interactive and engaging. You can catch all the captivating moments of “Arabs Got Talent” on MBC4, the official TV channel of the show, or simply tune in to the “Arabs Got Talent” YouTube channel for a front-row seat to this incredible showcase of talent and creativity.


You can complement your Arabic language learning course in Saudi Arabia with TV shows. For language learners of all proficiency levels, these shows provide a plethora of learning possibilities. Watching these Arabic TV episodes may be a fun and engaging method to connect with the language and increase your knowledge of the Arab culture, whether you are a beginner wishing to acquaint oneself with fundamental words or an expert learner seeking to refine your language abilities.

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