Language Development Course

Travel and Learn With Our Learning trips 

With our Arabic learning tours, you may go on a transforming journey while being exposed to the rich cultural traditions of GCC countries, including the UAE and other Arabic countries such as Egypt, Syria, Jordan, etc. While learning the Arabic language’s nuances, you can explore the beauty of these locations. Our courses come in a variety of lengths, including two or three weeks for intensive study this means you can choose what suits your schedule the most. 

Participate in engaging cultural events, immerse yourself in language sessions taught by qualified teachers, and put your newly acquired abilities to use. These learning tours offer a singular and immersive language learning experience that blends education and adventure, regardless of your level of Arabic ability. So there is no need to delay anymore! Give us a call today for further guidance. 

Kids Arabic Course 

Introduce your children to the world of a new language with our kids’ Arabic course. It supports students in their studies, preparing for school and exams. Kids’ Arabic course is just like adult courses with a duration of 1  hour per class. 

This course offers a fun and dynamic atmosphere where kids may enhance their Arabic speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities. It is tailored to the specific learning needs of young learners. The Kids Arabic course develops a solid foundation in Arabic under the guidance of qualified teachers, putting kids on the road to bilingualism and offering up a world of prospects. 

Language Development Courses 

  • Course duration 10 classes 
  • Class duration 30 minutes 
  • Course package price-1650 dirham ($450)

The goal of our language development course is to improve and hone your communication abilities in a certain language. It offers thorough teaching and practice, whether you’re a novice hoping to pick up a new language or an expert learner hoping to increase fluency. It helps kids who find difficulty in speaking and communicating while enhancing their vocabulary.  

Our language development classes give a disciplined and methodical approach to language learning with an emphasis on vocabulary, grammar, listening, speaking, reading, and writing. These classes, which are taught by qualified teachers, stimulate development and self-assurance by fostering a supportive environment. The $450 course bundle offers fantastic value for money and guarantees that you will receive a top-notch language education at a reasonable cost. 

Face-to-Face Speaking Activities 

  • Course duration 6 classes (1.5 hours per class)
  • Min number of students 4 
  • Max 12

By participating in face-to-face speaking exercises in our carefully designed courses, you may improve your Arabic language abilities. Immerse yourself in the language in one of our chosen coffee shops, which provide a relaxing and enjoyable learning environment. The course is divided into six 1.5-hour courses, giving students enough opportunity for practice and conversation. 

You’ll like a small group environment that promotes involvement and individualized attention with a minimum of four and a maximum of twelve students. The course package’s $343 pricing ensures great value for your language learning endeavors. And the best part is that you can get a trial class for just 30 dollars! 

So don’t miss this chance to sharpen your Arabic speaking skills in a welcoming setting. 

English Course for Arabic Speakers

Do you speak Arabic and wish to enhance your English speaking skills? Our Arabic-speaking English course is particularly designed to fit your needs. This course provides a special chance to study English in a relaxed and familiar setting, taught by a bilingual instructor fluent in both English and Arabic. You may start a language learning journey that focuses on improving your English skills at the same low costs as our online Arabic lessons. So don’t let this chance of learning to speak English confidently go. Sign up for our Arabic-speaking English course now! 

Arabic Conversational Courses for Corporate and Airlines

With the help of our specialized course, improve your Arabic conversational abilities for corporate or business environments. Our Arabic conversational courses offer focused language instruction to match your particular needs. Our courses will provide you with the language proficiency and cultural awareness you need to interact effectively with clients, coworkers, or passengers. 

You’ll get more comfortable speaking Arabic in formal contexts with the help of knowledgeable teachers and hands-on exercises. With our Arabic conversational training, you may improve your communication skills and succeed in your business or airline profession.

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