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Enthusiastic Experienced Teachers

We are a group of passionate teachers possessing 10+ years of experience in teaching spoken Arabic skills to non-native speakers.

Up to date Content

Our content gets updated constantly as we keep on adding new modules of different topics to keep our content rich, valued and up to date.

Practice With a Native Instructor

At the end of each module, You will be having an extra option to match with an Arabic instructor to practice what you have learnt and develop your communication skills.

Grammar Free Lessons

Our lessons are grammar free, and they focus on speaking by listening and understanding The Arabic language.

High Quality Short Videos

Learn at your own pace, you don’t need to join boring long classes and learn grammar, Boost your Arabic speaking with our short and fun lessons.

Flexible Plans

Our lessons are short and straightforward. You can enroll for as many months as you like from one month, three months, six months up to one year for a competitive pricing.

Takallamm – Feature

Arabic is an engaging and beautiful language yet appears challenging and complex to non-native speakers. Here at Takallamm, our exclusive spoken Arabic classes in Saudi Arabia is simple yet comprehensive, straightforward yet effective, and relaxed but result-oriented.

Discover below the integrated features that will take your Arabic from faux and fumbling to fluent and fabulous!

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Learning Videos: Short & Easy to Follow

Get access to informative and engaging videos that offer unique resources assisting you in your journey to learn spoken Arabic. 

Each learning video features:

High-quality video and visuals
Crisp and clear audio
Native Tutors
Maximum content in minimum duration

With our Arabic-speaking classes in UAE and Saudi Arabia, you get to see and hear exclusive and proprietary videos that are unavailable elsewhere. You will not only learn spoken Arabic but get introduced to written Arabic that takes you from bleak beginner to witty writer in no time.

Grab full access to these comprehensive videos instead of looking for individual Arabic-speaking classes in Dubai, Cairo, Doha, etc., which will cost much more and demand more time.

A Unique and Complete Approach

Arabic-speaking classes in Saudi Arabia can often focus on what THEY teach best. At Takallamm, your course is created based on what will serve YOU best. We deliver an Arabic language learning method that’s exclusively designed and carefully curated to focus on your progress.  

The modules serve to deliver gradual step-by-step instruction and interaction in Arabic, ensuring that your progress and improvements take shape at every step.

Learn at a pace that accommodates your time and convenience with our online spoken Arabic classes in UAE. Listen to what real-world Arabic conversations sound like. Find the cream of the crop in proper Arabic as you learn through interaction and instinctive exercises.

This simple but structured approach to learning Spoken Arabic comes to you in affordable packages. So, whether you’re a potential tourist seeking to blend in or a company looking to train your employees in local communication, you have it all!

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Rich Content Updated Continually

Arabic, like any other language, is alive and dynamic.

Words, phrases, and expressions can take new meanings or shed old implications as time passes. Be the first to learn about the changing landscape of Arabic as a language with continually updated content that’s optimized for current relevance and new trends.

Even our course modules remain updated to avoid stagnancy or becoming obsolete. Changes in conversational tones, the new cultural relevance of words, trending lingo, etc., all begin to appear in your modules as you move forward in your efforts to learn spoken Arabic.

Learn and Practice with Native Speakers

Hear the nuances of different Arabic dialects with online spoken Arabic classes in Saudi Arabia. Find personality in tonal differences and delivery. See how culture can influence the understanding of everyday Arabic words. These and a lot more other takeaways await you at the end of every course module.

The practice with native speakers is an option that appears at the end of the modules to ensure that you can reaffirm and cement your understanding of that course.

Gone are the dull days when you had to memorize convoluted phrases and complex words simply to learn a new tongue. Hear and listen to native speakers show you exactly how they pronounce words and communicated ideas.

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Grammar-free and Hassle-free

Babies invariably learn the language they hear without any formal classes on sentence construction, parts of speech, or other grammar intricacies. You’ll find this intuitive and interactive route to language learning as you begin classes at Takallamm’s spoken Arabic course.

Of course, this doesn’t mean the content is watered-down to lose effect or value. On the contrary, this spontaneous and extensive approach to learning allows you to understand Arabic language casually. With Takallamm’s Arabic course, you will:

If you enroll for Arabic-speaking classes in Dubai or any other Arabic-speaking city, you’ll likely go through a slow and laborious process of learning grammar on paper. Replace these exhausting courses with a fresh take on written and spoken Arabic grammar when you sign up at Takallamm.

An Intuitive Learning Experience

Ditch the boredom of tedious textbooks and monotonous manuals. Learn spoken Arabic by picking up on conversations, hearing, interacting, and learning to speak, with immediate progress.

The intuitive exercises you get in the modules include:

Listening and comprehending dialogues
Guessing and understanding the subject matter
Identifying the topic being discussed
Assessing and testing your comprehension
Converting newly learned elements into fluency and familiarity.

Online spoken Arabic classes in UAE and Saudi Arabia can often become lifeless and uninspiring. We don’t want to make you feel like you’re back in the dreary atmosphere of a school. Instead, you’ll find a fresh and innovative take on learning Arabic that focuses on you as a learner.

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