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About Takallamm

We are a group of passionate teachers who are eager to teach spoken Arabic language to non-native speakers. We have more than ten years of experience teaching Arabic as a second language, so we fully understand our students’ requirements.

During our teaching journey, we saw learners struggle to communicate using modern spoken Arabic, so we decided that we have to offer a unique and featured way that helps non-native speakers to speak immediately and fluently.

We collated all of our students’ needs in learning and speaking Arabic to create an easy and accessible E-Learning platform that will simplify spoken Arabic for everyone. We designed our lessons very carefully, putting all of our love and passion into teaching spoken Arabic. All of our video lessons focus on teaching speaking and comprehension skills.

Our Arabic learning course sessions do not emphasize grammar, instead, we put an emphasis on how to communicate effectively via listening and comprehending. You will be given the opportunity to practice with a native speaker teacher once you complete a module.

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1. Join Takallamm

Register with Takallamm using the payment option that best suits your needs. Meet your online course advisor, who will make recommendations for you based on your learning goals and skill levels.

2. Start Learning Arabic!

You can start learning Arabic at your own pace by watching our pre-recorded videos at any convenient time from the comfort of your zone. All you need to do is to watch, listen and speak! All of our classes are available around the clock, giving you flexibility in completing your modules.

3. Master Speaking

At the end of each module, You will have the option to match up with an Arabic instructor. Our well-trained instructors will help put what you have learned into practice as they will focus on the topics you completed and boost your speaking & listening skills to make you feel confident.

Features of Our Courses

Why Choose Us?

Takallamm is an E-learning platform which focuses on delivering spoken Arabic language in a very featured and unique method which you won’t find anywhere else.

We are the first ones to create this simple and straightforward methodology after years of research and practice.

Our well prepared lessons follow a systematic pattern which helps you learn step by step at your own pace. We strongly believe that in order to speak a language you need to listen and repeat then speak.

Here at takallamm we got you all sorted from the moment you enroll until you master speaking. Our lessons are designed with many dialogues and interactive speaking practices.

You only need to watch, listen, understand and speak. Say goodbye to long boring and expensive Arabic classes and take a charge of your own learning. At takallamm you will speak and that is our promise to you.

Grammar Free

Our lessons are grammar free and focus on speaking by listening and understanding. This can be helpful for learners who want to focus on speaking the language, rather than grammar.

Expertly Curated Content

The content is designed carefully, with love and passion, by a group of amazing and experienced teachers.

Practice With A Native Speaker

At the end of each module, there is an extra option to practice with a native speaker instructor, which can be very useful to boost your speaking and listening skills.


We are dedicated to facilitate & simplify speaking Modern Arabic Language to everyone at a low cost.


Empower learners to acquire speaking & comprehension skills that enhance communication and language fluency.


Exceeding Expectations

Study at Your Own Pace

Boost your Arabic speaking with our short and fun lessons.

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